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We're Creative

At USONET, we believe strongly that culture is crucial for the survival of every organization. Thus, we encourage each and every one we work with to be open with their ideas and support them with resources with which they can bring them to life.

We're Friendly

In today’s fast paced environment, there’s a lot of pressure on every individual to match up to the pace at which things are moving on in his or her environment. As such, we at USONET go out of our way to be warm to any one we come in contact with since a friendly gesture goes a long way in helping people destress.

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Why Choose Us

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No matter the size of your company, innovation is key to its growth. Therefore with us, we encourage anyone we deal with to think differently so as to make things happen in a way that will stand out from the lot. Hence, we put strategies in place that will intentionally make USONET fluid. And one of such strategies is championing creativity.


One of the behaviours to put up in the workplace that will successfully help any employee climb the corporate ladder is professionalism. Likewise goes for any organization that wants to have a standing in their industry. Knowing this, why won’t we put it into practice?


USONET can boast of employees who are experienced in a wide array of fields since we are not afraid of bringing on board individuals from all walks of life and educational fields. We do this because, we trust that everyone interests can be put to good use.


We want all our customers to have an absolutely awesome experience with us. How do we achieve that? The answer is dedication. Since we get so excited anytime our existing clients and our prospective ones give us the time of day, we also go out of our way to give all our clients that same experience and more by doing all we can in delivering valuable solutions.

24/7 Support

One of the things we put in place to ensure a great customer experience with us delivering of customer support across all channels. You can get in touch with USONET-ONLINE via phone calls & text, email and on our social & web platforms as well. This ensures that we are at your service anytime.


Cheerfulness, Excitement, Gaiety, Zest, Exuberance = Enthusiasm = the environment at USONET-ONLINE. Tell me who can’t be their best in such an environment?

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Our Services

We plan, design, build and market high quality websites


Our Training School has the primary objective of educating professionals, individuals and business decision makers by giving them the knowledge, skills and capabilities they need to exceed the expectations of their stakeholders.


Our business consulting team helps clients reinvent their business operating models to enhance productivity levels and gain competitive advantage in markets. We also analyse your business to figure out what it needs in terms of IT and help you get it running.


Our team of Passionate Digital marketers work towards creating striking digital assets for brands and also develop strategies that help the end user to have an engaging and fulfilling brand experience.


USONET-ONLINE IT Security team helps businesses implement measures and systems that are designed to safeguard and protect their information. We also advice and administer IT systems on behalf of organizations so as to help them best achieve their business objectives.


Our Audit & Advisory team is made up of experienced and professional specialists who are skilled in evaluating and examining an organization and IT infrastructure and operations.


USONET-ONLINE’s System engineers address the integration and interoperability issues associated with business’ systems.

Our Expertise

A bit of background on our skills and expertise

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How We Did It

Working together to achieve great results

Analysis & Planning

Talking about the approaches that helped bring the USONET-ONLINE idea to life? A combination of methods involved in Real Time Strategic Planning and the Inspirational Model of Strategic Planning made it possible.

Design & Development

Most people who meet any member of the USONET-ONLINE start up team might say we are all talkative and add that well, not in an irritating manner hopefully. Talking is actually one of the methods we employed in finding out how well our products and our organization will be received in the market.
Also, it is one of the ways that helped us figure out how to tweak our products and services for today’s markets.


Launch & Grow

CONVICTION/ PASSION/ ZEAL: These are the words that keep us from overstressing about the lifeline of USONET-ONLINE. Because, these words push us all into dedicating our time and energy to finding opportunities that will make us grow. As well as ways we can predict and mitigate threats.

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